CCB Subsea AS was named in 2016 as a result of Coast Center Base AS and Norsea Group Operations AS buying into Logiteam AS, the consultancy company, with its subsidiary Logiteam Subsea AS.  Subsea expertise merged with offshore base infrastructure along the Norwegian coast and abroad and thereby creating a powerful blend of competencies and capacity for subsea maintenance services. A wide range of facilities and other infrastructure is now available for our Subsea Center of Excellence operating out of Ågotnes in the very heart of the Norwegian Global Center of Ocean Technology.

Over the last years the company has earned its position as a system independent supplier within both subsea and drilling equipment maintenance and recertification. We are the first non-OEM to do full recertification of subsea well control equipment and highly competent in planning and execution of subsea well intervention and installation. Our thinking and methods are often unconventional and innovative in the name of cost-effectiveness and thus our competitive edge is sharp and attractive to customers seeking a blend of low risk, high quality, low cost and improved environmental footprints. Our highly skilled engineers, supervisors and mechanics are clearly marked by a culture of agility and flexibility and always eager to take on new challenges.