With our diversified basis of knowledge and expertise, we aim to think differently and look for new and sustainable solutions to add value to our clients’ projects.


New technology

  • To simplify operations
  • Reduce energy consumption


New technology and processes

  • Create disruptive solutions
  • Zero net energy consumption


New technology

  • Reduce risk when re-using installed equipment


New markets

  • Sharing and better utilisation of equipment and tools globally and within renewable markets

Sharing and Circular Economy in Subsea

Higher utilization of existing tooling and improve operational efficiency

Reuse permanently installed  equipment and capital spares

Use tooling across operators/  licenses

Surplus equipment transferred across operators




Development of digital platform for sharing of subsea equipment and tools

  • Initiated in 2016 supported by Innovation Norway and major operators
  • Sharing portal for NCS acquired by Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOROG), launched as SubQuip for Norwegian operators in 2020 as part of NOROG’s Virtual Inventory toolbox

Customer value proposal:

  • Significantly reduce investments, equipment lead time, operatinoal downtime, and environmental footprint

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Development of Mechanical THRT 

  • Concept study and detail design initiated in 2019 in cooperation with major operator, and contract awarded for fabrication
  • Will replace hydraulic THRT and the need to run WOCS umbilical

Customer value proposal:

  • Significantly reduce rig time, mobilisation cost, and operational risk for offshore supervisors

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Development of conversion kit for reuse of subsea equipment 

  • Project initiated in 2020 supported by Innovation Norway
  • Will allow conversion of existing well systems 

Customer value proposal:

  • Significant impact on resource utilisation in relations with life extension projects, reduce investments and operational cost

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Study of business case for sale and use of surplus subsea equipment between operators  

  • Study in 2020
  • Surplus equipment owned by one operator may be sold and used on another operator’s field

Customer value proposal:

  • Significant impact on resource utilisation, reduce lead time and investments, and allow earlier production

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Reduce investments
Improve resource utilisation
Reduce item lead time
Earlier production start-up
Reduce carbon footprint

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