CCB Subsea provides bucking services in Hall 14C at Vestbase in Kristiansund with a bucking unit offering make-up or break out the threaded rotary connections on tubulars, accessories, pups and tool assemblies. 

Technical specification
Capabilities 4” – 24”
Make-up minimum 2.000ft lbs
Make-up ,aximum 150.000 ft lbs
Break out maximum 150.000 ft lbs

The tong and backup spacing can be adjusted from a few inches to many feet. Bucking Units use the patented die system, which features a self-aligning spline system that wraps around the pipe, providing coverage up to 330 degrees. The dies distribute the radial load over the largest possible area to minimize pipe stress and deformation.  

Services are performed as single operations but also as part of total scope for mobilisation, demobilisation and maintenance for storage. 

Services are delivered in close cooperation with Vestbase.

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