The CCB Subsea Engineering team consists of skilled professionals with backgrounds from mulitiple disciplines, and covering all product groups relevant within the Subsea industry and Drilling Services. Our diversified basis of knowledge and expertise provide a unique and flexible approach to any challenge presented to us.  We believe that it is a combination of our diverse background and our will to think differently and to see new solutions that is the reason for our accelerated growth and potential future growth. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly solutions, and know which path to pick for any given task given to us.

CCB Subsea Engineering will provide your Company with fresh insight and independent thinking. We will set up the correct scope and ensure it is carried out correctly the first time. Our engineering can be offered in the form of specialized skills, or in the form of physical products such as innovative, cost efficient designs. Our engineering team also has extensive experience with the relevant standards and customer technical requirements for subsea equipment. These traits have enabled CCB Subsea, with the aid off a special selection of subsuppliers, to deliver engineering related to the following:

  • System design
  • Operational planning
  • Detailed design and manufacturing of equipment specialized for operational efficiency
  • Service, maintenance and life cycle management of subsea equipment and drilling equipment.
  • Re-certification of well control equipment
  • Mobilisation of vessels
  • Troubleshooting
  • All Maintenance Types,  Inspections, Repairs and Modifications related to LRP Systems, LMRP and BOP, XMT portfolio,  Wellhead portfolio, Well Intervention and IMR Operation.
  • On-site modification and manufacturing of bigger structures
  • Welding of conductors