CCB Subsea is a system-independent supplier and our FEED studies will help operators find business opportunities – across different OEMs and systems.   

With our diversified basis of knowledge and expertise, we aim to think differently and look for new and sustainable solutions to add value to our clients’ projects. 
This enables operators to evaluate concept studies in DG1/DG2 involving reuse of permanent installed XTs and other surplus equipment to reduce cost and lead time for their Field Developments.

CCB Subsea aims to contribute to the industry’s endeavours to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by optimizing cost and resource utilization.  There are major opportunities for operators through early assessment of subsea reuse and sharing opportunities, as well as operation optimalization and efficiency measures.  This allows for all subsea projects; either early phase feasibility studies on greenfield development projects or early phase planning of brownfield workover or life-extension projects.   

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Fredrik Normann Hansen, Engineering Manager
Phone: +47 926 85 821 – E-mail: frha@ccb.no


Early phase assessment of alternative subsea concepts with reuse and sharing of subsea equipment and tools

Identification of available equipment and tools in subsea sharing platform

Evaluation of interfaces, need for redesign and fabrication of elements  

High level timeline, scope of work and cost implications  

Let’s assess potential value proposition for your projects



Reduced cost


Earlier production


Reduced environmental footprint


Customer satisfaction

Reduced cost

Reduced cost in the aftermarket for engineering, maintenance and offshore operations by independent service providers entering the market

Earlier production

Reuse and sharing concepts improve equipment lead times and cost reduction compared to procurement of new equipment/spares

Reduced environmental footprint

Each reuse and sharing item represents an environmental footprint associated with fabrication and delivery of new builds

Customer satisfaction

As an independent services provider  we operate with a lean and competent team, and believe in success by cooperating closely with our customers

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