CCB Subsea aims to contribute to the industry’s endeavours to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by optimizing cost and resource utilization.  In cooperation with Namtvedt-Sealmaker Services, CCB Subsea offers sealant services to operators to solve well barrier integrity and leakage problems as quickly as possible. 

The unique technologies by SEALMAKER are proven to be the most effective solution available to minimize production losses and get wells back online.  It is applied on surface wellheads and valves, SCSSV and Control-Line leaks, on complex downhole leaks including tubing, casing, and micro-annular leaks, whether conventional or subsea, and will solve leakages and well barrier problems in a fraction of time and at dramatic cost advantage over traditional methods as well intervention or well re-completion.  SEALMAKER has executed over 3,500 applications since 1992 and has achieved the highest success rate in the industry.

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Fredrik Normann Hansen, Engineering Manager
Phone: +47 926 85 821 – E-mail: frha@ccb.no


Perform technical evaluation of specific case including inspections / analysis / diagnostics (go / no-go)

Mobilisation of equipment and preparation of sealant substrate

Preparation of procedures and approval by client

Supervisors to provide offshore activities according to approved procedures  

Solve leakages and well barrier integrity





Success rate

Subsea leaks

Efficiently repair leaking subsea control line leaks, connections, leaking welds, tree valves, VX-cavity leaks, and restore production immediately

Casing leaks

The core of SEALMAKER technologies, our Casing Repair System (CRS) delivers the successful results needed in todays environment

Wellhead leaks

Multiple formulations to repair failed seals across wellhead assemblies, including tubing necks, hangers, MS-T, BT-Seals, environmental seals, etc.

SCSSV leaks

Easy adjusted field formulations to repair SCSSV leak conditions and regain full functionality of failing safety valves

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