Offshore operations/Subsea intervention


CCB Subsea has attracted some of the most experienced and qualified personnel in the industry. Our experience extends across OEMs, product groups and disciplines, and as such CCB Subsea are prepared to supply our services for any offshore operation your Company requires. We understand that all offshore operations are critical operations when it comes to both safety and cost, so the work is carefully planned to the last detail ahead of time. When CCB Subsea is preparing for an offshore operation, our engineering team will plan the operation together with the offshore crew that will perform the work offshore. During the planning phase, the mobilization testing scope of the equipment is reviewed and settled, complete with quality controlled procedures. If needed, a procedure SAFOP is carried out with Engineer, Mechanic and HSE representative present. Mobilization testing may include function-, pressure- and interface testing, all of which can be performed at any of our many locations along the Norwegian coast and abroad.