Offshore decommissioning today is very much focused on the large offshore platforms and heavy lifts of topsides and jackets. CCB Subsea is focused on what we don’t see; the large quantities of equipment installed on the seabed. This is the equipment that really matters when it comes to cleaning up after oil and gas activities.

We take care of the entire process and supply chain from concept evaluation to recycling and reuse of the removed equipment. We have named the process CEPDR.

All offshore operations are critical when it comes to both safety and cost, so the work is carefully planned to the last detail ahead of time.  When CCB Subsea is preparing for an offshore operation, our engineering team will plan the operation together with the offshore crew that will perform the work offshore.

The decommissioning process

Conceptual study: Prior to cessation of a field The Operator is obligated to establish a plan for the decommissioning. With our wide knowledge of subsea equipment, installation and operation of same, we do conceptual studies and establish Decommissioning Plans on behalf of the Field Operator.

Engineering: Subsea decommissioning is a complex concept spanning from plugging the wells, subsea dismantling and lifting and further to recycling and reuse of the equipment. Again; with our wide knowledge and experience, we are the perfect partner to perform safe and qualified engineering for such complex projects.

Procurement: Subsea Decommissioning requires several specialized tools and services. Hardly any company worldwide can safely and efficiently do a complete job solely by use of own resources. CCB Subsea as an independent company, cooperates with the most recognized suppliers. We are the perfect partner to gather the most competent and cost-efficient subsea decommissioning team.

Decommissioning: Our experienced subsea engineers lead decommissioning teams that involves well service specialists, equipment specialist, ROV operators and vessels for lifting, handling and transport.


Recycling and Reuse

This process can be split in 3: 
1) Demolition: CCB Subsea’s preferred Demolition partner is situated on the West coast of Norway. In addition, our parent companies CCB and North Sea Group have several sites around the North Sea basin and along the Norwegian coast where demolition also can take place. Our Demolition Partner sort the equipment and send it to recycling or reuse. 
2) Refurbishment; is done in our own workshop, by our experienced subsea mechanics. 
3) Reuse: The refurbished equipment is made available for the owner or for sale or rental worldwide through our network of brokers and service providers.

HSEQ: CCB Subsea operates in accordance with the high HSE standard of the CCB group.

During decommissioning when ROV, drilling or lifting vessel is engaged, there is no or only limited room for re-engineering or improvisation. Hence, all planning and engineering for decommissioning is exposed to the highest level of Quality Control.

As part of the decommissioning plan and/or engineering, CCB Subsea performs Environmental Appraisal assessments. This is to ensure that the environmental footprint after the oil and gas activity is minimized or preferably; erased.

Offshore resources


CCB Subsea has attracted some of the most experienced and qualified supervisors and engineers in the industry   

We can provide total offshore crews with supervisors and operators to cover day and night shift during operations on 2-4 rotation 

  • Supervisor/Shift leader
  • Operator/Technician 

Our offshore resources are qualified with regards to:

  • Technical skills
  • Training
  • Operational experience
  • Required offshore certificates  

Experienced in offshore operations such as well completion, intervention, workover, P&A and decommissioning 

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